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Not again

not the pain in his limbs

                         the numbness in his brain, slowing his reactions

   the screaming against the invisible restraints on his body and mouth

                                      and the dark cruel laughter of that monster Khan

He’s not sure what wakes him up, but he’s pouring sweat when he regains consciousness, and his thin blanket is barely still on the bed. His chest is heaving, and he has claw marks on his arms from his attempts at removing the dream restraints.

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    Part of him wants to give in, go lay down with Bones, try to fix the burning bridge between them, but he hates how...
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    "You already know what I think about that," he says back, scrubbing at his eyes with the back of his hand, God, but he’s...
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    "Dr. McCoy is otherwise engaged," Spock returned, sounding almost studiously unaffected. It’s probably not even true,...
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    Bones walks into Jim’s room wanting to speak to him about something but finds his friend in a cold sweat and thrashing....
  5. archivalgenre said: [ fuck i shouldn’t be laughing but literally all i can think is ‘this boy is a bottom’ om f g hlep ]